The Practical Test

The practical driving test is the second, and final, test you will need to successfully complete to gain your full driving licence. At the beginning of your test, the examiner will check your driving licence and you will need to successfully complete a basic eyesight test. You will then be asked a single 'tell me' question, with a further 'show me' question asked during your drive.

The test lasts for approximately 40 minutes, during which time you will be asked to complete one reversing manoeuvre and 20 minutes of independent driving. You may also be asked to undertake an emergency stop exercise. The drive will cover a variety of roads, and could potentially include in town, country roads, faster roads (up to 70mph) as well as slower residential routes. Motorways will not be included in the test. There are no fixed test routes, so make sure you are well prepared for all road conditions before you book your practical test.

The independent drive is designed to test your ability to drive without the input of a passenger to give you directions. There are two ways this part of the test could be undertaken:

1. Using a sat nav system set up by the examiner. This will provide you with both visual and audible directions.
2. The examiner will ask you to follow traffic signs to a particular destination (for example, follow signs to the town centre).

Don't worry if you go off route or don't follow the directions given to you. As long as you complete your turning safely, and don't make a driving fault during it, your test result won’t be affected.

The manoeuvre will be selected from four possibilities:

1. Parallel park
2. Reverse bay park
3. Reversing out of a bay
4. Pulling up on the right-hand side of the carriageway, reversing two car lengths and rejoin the traffic

You will be taught all of these manoeuvres during your lessons with us. On the day, you will be asked to do one of the four manoeuvres and this is to be completed as SAFELY as possible dealing with the hazards around you.

To pass the practical driving test you are allowed 15 or less minor driver faults in total; you must not pick up either a serious or dangerous fault. Serious and dangerous faults are those which have, or the potential to, cause danger to either yourself or other road users. Accruing an habitual fault will possibly turn into a serious fault. Your result will be given to you within a few minutes of you arriving back at the test centre.